Saturday, May 4, 2013

Atheist Collective Dwelling

Guest Poster:  John Loethen, AKA Bonobo

What about if we made something like church except for the atheists? We could call it an Atheist Collective Dwelling. You can't get any more comfortable than a "dwelling."  I mean, that's the most comfortable sounding place ever.
A dwelling. Like a hobbit home.

We could do...collective dwelling...things. Okay, I don't know, we could have science classes, have social things, maybe...  I would love to meet any cool scientist there and hear what is in their head!
But it wouldn't be like a school, no lines or anything. But if people wanted to do activities and lectures and things they could just do them because they want to...but no rules. Well, some rules, but only the kind that help people to get together in groups, not the kind to have power or control over you. 
Rules like "no running" or "no shouting" wouldn't even be necessary because we only do this when we are excited about something. Excitement is a great thing!

There would be a special room with a sign on the door that says "Do not Enter" but all who enter get treats and awesome stuff for not following the rules and for thinking for themselves.

We could do things for poor people, sad people, all kinds of things.  Whatever our hearts would tell us to do. I'm sure if we watched the news more we would find lots of people who would like this place because we would all be thinking of how to make the world a better and smarter place. 

What if we also had an atheist prayer...well, not a prayer, but a thing we say about Stephen Hawking and other people who we admire or who invented things to advance our world. It would just be a way to say We're atheists and we're real glad.
I would want to be a kid in a community like this.

(I hope there are drama classes!)

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful place! Have you heard of the Sunday Assembly? It doesn't have anywhere near everything you describe, but it does have cake. It started in the UK but one was recently held in Melbourne.

    1. We have been to an Ethical Society in St. Louis, but the crowd didn't appeal to us.
      (It was made up of several families from our homeschool group that we don't really get along with or care for -- or find to be NICE... We were so disappointed to find them at this ES place because we loved it otherwise...)

  2. The closest thing we have to that (in Texas, anyway) is the UU. Pretty darn close, actually.

  3. Love this! I want to be apart of this!!

    1. Lara, we should start one of our own.


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