Saturday, March 26, 2011


Maybe I'm writing this as a reminder to myself.  Maybe I'm writing this to celebrate the light bulb moment.  Maybe I'm sharing this part of a long serial that has been my relationship with my sister.  Maybe I'm just making it official.
Without rehashing or retelling any story, I say, simply, that, even though I am a total "Family Person", I live with a schism between myself and my sister (and brother) and I'm totally fine with this!  In fact, I'm HAPPY about it.  Many years of taking the same road and getting the same results and, Finally, I have taken the other road.  I feel great about it!
I am imperfect and I am human, but I am not weak or a door mat.  I simply have given too much time and effort to a no-win situation.  And I am finally through with that.
The amazing thing is how easy it all seems now.

There is a recovery story that goes something like this:

On the first day, I walk down a road. I fall into a hole. I am stuck.  The walls are steep and it is lonely.  It's awful and I stay there a long time.
The second day, I walk down the same road. I fall into the same hole.  I am stuck again.  It is still awful but I don't stay as long.
The third day, I walk down the same road. I fall into the same hole.  I am able to get out easily.
The fourth day, I walk down the same road. I see the hole from a mile away.  I walk around the hole. 
On the Fifth day, I walk down a new road.

This is my fifth road.

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