Saturday, June 25, 2011

Letting Myself Go

If you're wearing anything ironed or matching, please skip to the next blog post.  This post will not interest you.
Now, for the rest of us, we've let ourselves go and I'm the worst in the bunch!

Somehow, between the birth of my first child and today I have done what I swore swore swore I would never do. I have Let Myself Go. I no longer "do" hair or make up. I haven't touched an eyebrow brush since the Clinton administration and my mascara has expired. I haven't worn anything higher than knee highs in years. Even as I type with my four long nails, five short nails, and one fungal nail, I realize that it was a fairly fast slide down the slippery slope.
I haven't used the word "primp" in relation to myself in over a decade.

I think Kirstie Alley looks fine!

The thought that I've "LET MYSELF GO" occurred to me the other day when I had to pick my daughter up at the mall. For whatever reason, I had to get out of the car to meet her inside. As I stepped out of the car, I realized that I was wearing yellow capris (not cute ones), my husband's T, and a slouchy pair of socks with those attractive blue rubber shoes. I won't mention the clippy in my hair, put there without looking into a mirror.
As I walked toward the front door, I saw a shadow inside the store see me and hide! Entering the door, I called, "Honey, I see you!  There, behind the push-up bras! Come out, Mommy is here to take you home!"

I was reading an article online the other day where Kate Hudson confessed that she had "let herself go". She's standing there with perfectly highlighted hair, silvery blue eyeshadow applied perfectly, and a gold necklace around her neck. I thought, if THAT'S "let go", I'm in trouble!
At least her white shirt (my grey one, used  to be white) shirt doesn't have food stains down the front and her cute little coat there isn't missing two buttons...
Her face looks clean...what's the problem?!
Still, I feel bad for the woman, having to go through life looking like that! And she doesn't even have access to Muscles, AHEM, Matthew McConaughey anymore? I can give her some time to deal with that one.

So, I'm going to move this package of cookies aside, wipe off the crumbs, pull up my sweat pants, and hit the bicycle pathListen, I can do this! I even shaved below the knee last night! I have enough bras that I could change each day (or so) and I have a full bottle of my favorite dandruff shampoo.
I can't wait to recognize myself in the mirror again!

I'm going!  ...In a long as I can wear a ponytail...

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  1. Yay, you! I'm on a self-improvement campaign lately, too. Not that letting ourselves go is such a bad thing, entirely. Personally, I'm glad I gave up makeup; now, when I look in the mirror I recognize myself, not the clown-face I used to think was me. Plus, on those few times that I do wear makeup I'm sending a very clear signal to everyone: "today is a special day, people." I do want to get my old body back, though, because the rolls make me uncomfortable, and I don't want to have to buy new clothes. Love the blog, girl!


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