Friday, September 2, 2011

Humanist in the Making


I was listening to a humanist podcast that a friend left in the car the other day and it really made me think.
I realize that I have tired of talking about atheism and about reading atheists who rant.  I'm tired of being at a standstill.  I realize that I am moving back into life without that label being my first identification (this blog not withstanding!  lol)
I have been a humanistic thinking for most of my adult life anyway.  After moving from those early years when I thought that "nice people go to church.  I'm nice.  Therefore, I should go to church" place, I have come to a place where I am ready to simply BE.
I feel that I feel quite liberated from the frenzied anger that I had for awhile.  I understand it.  I appreciate it when others are there.  I, myself, have moved to another place.  I don't claim to be "beyond" anything.  Simply in another place.
I still have alot to read though!

I am a peaceful person who prefers loving kindness to most other things.
I still abhor hatred and pain caused by religions.
I still strongly hold with separation of church and ...well...everything.
I am a skeptic.
I believe in integrity and goodness.
I believe our species and our planet is a small part of a universe so vast we cannot truly comprehend it.
I believe in natural explanations.
I believe science has much to learn, but that it mostly operates with integrity.
I believe that every human being deserves respect.
And I am optimistic about people in general.

Furthermore, I feel the need to connect and to act ethically to improve my corner of the world.
The kids and I are planning on visiting the Ethical Society near us with the hopes of joining with a caring group that creates opportunity to help the community.

I'm happy with this choice, I've got alot to learn, and I'm looking forward to seeing changes take place in our parenting, in our family, in our lives, and in the world.

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