Monday, October 3, 2011

The INSANITY that lives inside of some people's heads...

Did anyone hear Fresh Air on NPR today? Terry Gross talked to A Leading Figure In The New Apostolic Reformation, the nuttiest nut I've heard in a loooong time.
Terry Gross was SO respectful it was amazing. She got lots of guff from listeners for being too respectful and not confrontational enough. All I could think was, "How fun it is to shoot fish in a barrel?"
C. Peter Wagner actually believes there are demons in the cities who are responsible for all bad things that happen, LITERAL demons from Satan's army...

He is, particularly, concerned about Japan because, as he says: The emperor of Japan has sex with the sun goddess, a demon, and brings bad things on Japan, like the tsunami and the recent nuclear meltdown.
God COULD have prevented the bad things, Wagner assures us, but he didn't...

Here's the link:


  1. Oh lord it's Mike Warnke all over again! Saint's Preserve us from Deliverance Ministers!

    [this is all typed tongue-in-cheek just so you know].

    Honestly if this dude knew a damn thing about anything, he would know that every Royal Family claims descent from a deity of some sort. The royal families in Europe, before they put on the trappings of Christianity, often claimed descent from Odin and other beings.

    So think of all those European blue bloods that came here born on either side of the sheets--and tremble!

    Has this person never heard of the Divine Right of Kings? Hello! Monarchy? That is why the tale of Jesus being born of a mortal woman and a celestial being is so ahem *common. Zeus and Europa, [well and just about every cute nymph and mortal out there] Semele and her mortal goat herder, Innana and the many mortal lovers she took including her attempt at Gilgamesh etc., and so on.

    I really wish these people would get an education! A real one!

    1. that's right! This kind of person just needs to drop by our place for a cup of tea...and cake!


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