Sunday, November 13, 2011

He Ain't Heavy...Brothers and Sisters

I was thinking about reprieving this blog post on siblings called, appropriately enough, Homeschool Siblings.
And then something happened.

My son, who has been out walking with my daughter, came running into the house, angry, crying, shouting, hurt.  He and his sister had had a huge fight in the sidewalks of some other block.  He talked and shouted and talked until she got home.  She went into her room, he want into mine.
He talked with his dad and I for a few minutes before she sidled into the room.  Bravely, I thought.

They shouted and cried a bit at one another, then they started talking.
About their feelings.
About what they wanted from one another.
About what is hard.
And with respect.
There were a few detours, surely.

Jerry and I watched and listened and smiled.  Sure, they were still on different pages, but it had become very productive and kind.  And they were striving to be respectful and honest.

It was a moment that Jer and I will forever remember as being CERTAIN our kids are on the right road!
They had shown themselves that they knew how to fight, how to resolve a fight, and how to do this without hurting each other or losing themselves.

We are proud.

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  1. That is a good sign.

    You should be proud. I know people well into their 70s who cannot do that.



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