Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sissy's Got a Brand New Bag

I had some books sitting around the house.  One day, Dr. Who picked up a book called "Preparing for the SAT".  It changed her life.

She had never been particularly motivated to do any lessons or any work that was "lesson-like".  She was even less happy with anything that *I* asked her to do...a bit of a revolutionary at heart!
Then she read through parts of the book.  "Wow,"  she thought, "Mom told me some of this stuff!"

Suddenly, it all made sense to her; she realized that there was a method to our madness here under this roof.  She began to see the reasons for why certain subjects are focused on and why some subjects are well-covered.
Suddenly, she became a different homeschooling teen.  She is, now, working hard to get her lessons done and to make sense of them.  She wants to know how information is important to her life, to life in general.
Furthermore, she has set some goals for herself.

She has created a plan for college!

Yes, this fifteen year old daughter of mine has decided where she wants to go to college and what she wants to study.  She frequently finds me in order to share new information she has found regarding her perspective schooling, her perspective school town, her perspective FUTURE.
Her focus has changed and her attitude has improved overall.

It's amazing.
Get yourself a "Preparing for the SAT" book and sit it on the coffee table.
Tell me what happens.

Has anything like this happened to your child?
What inspires your child?

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