Thursday, May 3, 2012

SciStarter Website, Secular Thursday


This is the place to find out about, take part in, and contribute to science through recreational activities and research projects that appeal to the little scientists in your family.

If you're a scientist or a parent of a budding scientist: This is the place to do real research and to get your child interested in helping out.

Through this website, you and your family can become involved in studies on almost every subject your budding scientist can think about:  butterflies, storms, crayon physics, snake count, trout, images of cells, wasps and bees in your own backyard, DNA and taste, phytoplankton monitoring, road kill, clouds, river watches, Mars maps, gratitude, invasive species, the albedo, noise pollution, cell phones, camel crickets, and many, many more subjects.

We are watching clouds and studying sound!

Want the details?


I found this excellent SCISTARTER website from a blog that I am very excited about.
The Stochastic Scientist is a blog for you if you have a child who loves science or if you are interested in science.  Kathy Orlinsky, The Stochastic Scientist herself, blogs about interesting, cutting edge scientific resources and stories from almost every field of science.

Read this website regularly 
and you WILL have your scientist's interest peaked!

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