Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advice from Expert Homeschoolers

My kids have been homeschooling for their whole lives and have become experts on the lifestyle.  They know the ups and down, ins and outs, and what it looks like on the inside.  They have come up with some advice for kids and parents who are about to embark on the homeschool journey.  Their words are here to enlighten your experience and to warm your heart!
The Experts
  1. Don't stress about it.  If you think about it, your mom is having a hard time too and if you all just relax and talk about your goals together, somehow things get back on track.
  2. Sometimes it might be hard, I'm not going to lie.  But, if you need more time to get something into your brain so that you can understand it, it's easy to get that time you need.
  3. If anyone named Bill comes to your door, run.  Trust me.
  4. You get more time at home with your family and you get to be close to your family, way closer than your non-homeschooling friends and their parents.  For some reason, it's just nicer.
  5. I have been in school and I know that homeschool lessons are not rushed.  In school you get a single class on a topic and the next day - on to something else.  Homeschooling you get as much time as you want.
  6. You can't cheat.  Well, why would you?  There's no reason to cheat, how's that?!
  7.  Go to another country!  Every single thing is new and you are learning constantly, from shopping for food to looking around the area to figuring out the animals and plants of the area.  I mean, you hardly have to do lessons from a book because you are always learning!
  8.  If you are reading a book of your choices, chances are your mother will totally leave you to your reading and not insist on lessons that day.  The same with doing some activity or hobby you enjoy.
  9.  Don't even pay attention to clothes styles of the day.  Wear whatever you absolutely enjoy.  We wear costumes and vintage stuff and home made ideas and anything else we like.  I have a collection of hats and vests and I love wearing them.  They are cool.
  10.  Don't let your mom read the "How to Homeschool" books.  Trust me!
  11. Go and look at the stars.  There is SO MUCH to know!
  12. Mom always tells us to keep busy right before dinner time.  She is usually a little bit stressed.  That's the time I usually go to my room and catch up on Facebook, emails, and online games.
  13. I'm not going to kid you.  You have to do your lessons.  But the more you fuss about it, the longer they take.  Your mom may even add lessons on to the end of the day just because you fussed about it.  If you just get it done, it doesn't take much time at all!  And,
  14.  I learned magic tricks from YouTube videos.  You can learn almost anything on YouTube!
There you have it, free advice from expert homeschoolers!

Ask YOUR experts for some advice that they would pass along as wisdom.
Please share!
Our family at the total solar eclipse in Cairns QLD this week!


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  1. I love #3 and can't help but wonder what the story is behind it lol!

    1. I came up with it on the spot

  2. Good advice!!


  3. These tips are the best! I have to share them with Princess Belle.

  4. Does Bill Nye fall under that, because I think the kids would kill me if I turned away Bill Nye. And #7 is VERY important. Travel, travel, travel. So much more to learn from life when you're actually living it! :)

  5. Awsome list! My daughter would add: Playing games to learn is much more fun than using a workbook. (Her favorite right now is a keyboarding game called Qwerty Warrior, on Learning Games for Kids.) Thanks again for the list, it made my day!

  6. LOVE #10. My son would totally agree with that one.

  7. I loved this list! I love hearing the kids' perspectives.


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