Thursday, December 27, 2012

White Wine in the Sun

This Christmas was spent in Australia with friends.  Barbecue, swimming, and fire play.  And, of course, white wine in the sun.
Our family has had the very wonderful and eye-opening experience of having this major holiday on another continent with different traditions, different activities, different decorations, different sentiment, different music, different traditions, different everything.

This year we had family visiting from America and our beautiful Aussie friends invited us over to share a traditional Australia Christmas.

And I learned something.

Grandma JoAnn and Kids
Family and LOVE are far more important than tradition.  Our holiday has been remarkable, emotional, one-of-a-kind, and completely family-centered.  Although there has been very little garland, very little caroling, and very little purchasing, it has been incredible.  I think each one of us would admit that the family that we are a part of is not perfect.  We each have our foibles.  Each of us has annoying traits.  We are imperfect.  And yet, we are family.  We have shared incredible moments of pure beauty.  And the love wins.

I hope your holiday of choice has brought you love and family
 and moments of sheer beauty.

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