Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Brief Interaction

The jetty at Wynnum
Last week the kids and I went down to Wynnum (my favorite little bayside village). Elizabeth and a friend were walking out on the jetty; I was way behind them, just enjoying the peace. It was a very overcast day in the middle of several days of rain.

As I strolled down the jetty I saw this little tiny motorboat tied to one side. A very elderly gentleman quietly stepped up behind me and down to the motorboat carrying a shopping bag.

I greeted him. He was silent, didn't even make eye contact. I asked him how his day was and other small pleasantries. He said very little.

I asked him if the small boat I could see out on the water belonged to him. He said it did. "Do you live on it?" He said he did. "Where do you go during the storms, do you bring it in somewhere?" He motioned to the water. "You keep it out on the bay?" 

"Yes." He continued to untie his motorboat and arrange his shopping bag and oars.

I said, "Well, I see you don't talk to strangers much; that's OK.  So I will just wish you a nice afternoon."

He stood a moment, looking out to sea, and said, "I just come into town in the afternoon and walk on the streets. It breaks up the day."

I grinned at him. "Do you keep busy on the boat? I guess you read a bit."

He said, "I read quite alot."

We talked about books, we recommended an author to each other. And off he went, in his motorboat, out to his little home on the water.

I'm thinking about him tonight. It's a bit breezy and cool with the rain...I hope he's got a good book...

Heading out to his boat moored in the grey distance


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