Friday, March 15, 2013

Dear Husband

Dear Jerry,
Day after day I bring anxiety and drama to your life.  You, the solid, logical, pragmatic computer geek.  Yet somehow you give me support and love and acceptance without adding to my negative self image in the slightest bit.
You help me to see the beautiful things of life.  In fact, together we created two of the most beautiful things.
You help me to find my way through the absolute crap that muddles my imaginings so that I can figure out what is essential and meaningful and personally vital.  Those times when I am my own worse enemy.  When I am doubting myself and all of our choices.  Those times when I have forgotten myself...
You are the ISTJ to my ENFP.  Somehow, you are an ISTJ who thinks and feels and values those parts of me that I struggle to value.
You are the homeschool advocate at times when I can't be.
Your genuinely good heart and wisdom sometimes still surprise me.  Funny how those first years of life are so hard to break away from.  Those years with my Fam of origin seem so very real somehow, no matter how far away they really are and they still hold me back with the messed up values.  You are the present for me.
We laugh every single day.  Every.  Single. Day.
You are the best friend I never thought I'd have.
I love you.


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