Wednesday, April 10, 2013

New Zealand: The Majesty

The kids are writing today's blog post about our New Zealand trip:


At The Shire!!!
New Zealand is the land of Lord of the Rings and kiwis and I am lucky enough to have just come back from tasting all of its fruits!  Hobbiton, a re-creation of The Shire from the Lord of the Rings films, was a place where amazing people had been and it was interesting to think of characters who had been there and what they had done. Pohutu Geyser, a jet of heated and pressurized water shooting up into the air, was an awesome release of energy.  In fact, it was so warm that if you put your hand on the ground you could feel the heat!  Bridal Veil Falls was beautiful and puzzling at the same time. How could a waterfall this high have formed? The images of New Zealand will always be in my mind creating true awe.

Pohuto Geyser
Just like an whale during fall/autumn we are going to move on to the beaches of New Zealand. If there was one thing that all of the beaches had Common it is that they were all different!  Such as at Waipu beach (Why poo') there was a high-tide line of shells and sparkling white sand. For the other beaches there were many different unique little things that they had like Raglan Beach had piles of shells as big as an apartment complex and smooth, black sand.  Port Waikato (Why Kay' Toe) had a lot of rocks, tide pools, little mussels on the rocks, and crabs buried under the sand.  Also, each beach had a collection of shells unique to that location.  These are just some of the beautiful beaches that New Zealand has to offer.

Port Waikato Beach, 
the rugged rocks
The Doctor

New Zealand is a beautiful country full of rolling hills, towering mountains, iconic landmarks, waterfalls, striking beaches, rainforests, and SHEEP. While my family and I were there we did lots of spectacular things and saw breathtaking sights that we will never see again, and that we will never forget. We saw beautiful sunsets, seemingly endless black sand beaches, and views for miles around from the top of dramatic mountain ranges.

Bridal Veil Falls
It is very cold in New Zealand during the fall - and that's not a joke. During the day the sun is warm, but avoid the blowing winds and the shade! You must have a jacket at all times. Sweatpants are a treasured item of clothing that you should never be without. But go to the beaches and walk in the waters, because you will remember those moments forever...

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The Doctor at Port Waikato Beach


  1. The landscape looks amazing, but embarrassingly enough I am way more impressed that you went to Hobbiton, ha-ha! :) Danica

    1. Hobbiton was the trip of a lifetime for our family!!!!!!!! LOL

      But the beauty of New Zealand is just beyond compare.

  2. I hope you don't mind my saying this, but, The Doctor and Bonobo are more articulate than a good number of adults I've known. Boo-yah for them and for you and your husband!

    What a wonderful contribution to your blog and the documentation of your NZ adventure!


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