Sunday, August 18, 2013

Validation and Suggestion

I have been seriously busy for the last month or so, so my blogging has been sporadic at best. I'll get back to it soon.

Is there anything that you, as my blog reader, enjoy reading about OR that you would like to see me write about? I am open to suggestions.



  1. Hey! No idea how the heck I got here other than admitting I have been spending several bazillion hours researching homeschooling and reading blogs.It's about o'dark thirty at the moment and my sleeplessness and non working brain may cause me to feel a bit blog hungover in the morning and thus will ensue a serious case of CRS...please come find me!
    I was hooked within the first few lines and look forward to reading more of your out of the box life and styles of an atheist mom/home school'er unschool'er ..and what else??oh yes! slightly off kilter than the rest of us-but believe me you (is it lack of sleep or did I say that wrong rereading five times didn't help either)I am not so far behind...seems whenever I hang my arms out the window at one-hundred miles per hour someone always finds me and yanks me back in. Ho Hum.

    1. How awesome are YOU?!
      I WILL come and find you; and you please come back!



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