Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homeschooling and Socialization, Again

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I very seldom hear questions or criticism anymore about homeschooling. I think that the initial growth spurt of the homeschool lifestyle movement has finally become bit more mainstream, a bit better appreciated. But lately I have gotten that question again; it almost makes me laugh. 
What about socialization?

One woman I recently spoke to was quite worried about all the socialization in high school that my homschooled daughter could miss. Another person that I simply spoke to in public said something like homeschooling is alright I guess as long as you ensure the children are properly socialized. I also talked to a woman on the train the other day who said that SHE knows a boy who is homeschooled and he is SO SHY

WOW, you won't find any shy kids in public school!

Even though I have heard every one of the usual comments dozens and dozens of times, I'm still surprised when I am asked about socialization. Do these people not read the papers or listen to the news? Even in a peaceful place like Australia, violence happens in the school every single day!  Bullies go too far. Young people are raped. Others are victimized. And sometimes by the adults who are caring for them! 

I read a statistic somewhere saying that 1 in 5 children experience bullying in school. TWENTY PERCENT.

And there is the fact of schools being very scheduled, with students sitting alphabetically, with fifteen minute recess, etc... And there are good things too.
And there are homeschoolers who are quite shy; this might even be a good reason why homeschooling is good for them. But still.  

Listen, the thing is, NOTHING is perfect and I am tired of one group criticizing the other.  And I DON'T KNOW the perfect way to socialize a child. But I do know some kids do great in public school, some do well in private school, and, yes, many children get great socialization and socializing while they homeschool.

There is no magic. Some kids bully. Some are shy. Some are very comfortable in social situations. Some are less adept socially. Are these traits a result of their method of schooling?



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  1. This is a topic that arises, almost instantly, whenever I disclose that I homeschool. In fact, I have even been accused of cruelty. Some people have been dismayed and shocked, stating "But why would you do that to your child" and others have accused me of arrogance, stating "usually it's because mummy and daddy knows best, huh!". I tend not to be too open about home-schooling now.

  2. Why education is very important? Simply because if you have this knowledge no one can hurt you or even can judge you on what is your state now. That is what I learned from Homeschooling Facts either you have a disorder or abnormality there is no law to stop you educate and explore yourself.


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