Monday, December 30, 2013

PC Enough?

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It has been brought to my attention again and again this week, in a number of different ways, that my blog, my writing has referred to people of faith with a number of phrases that are troubling to readers/friends/family who are among the faithful.  

Some of these phrases in question include:
  • having "answers" handed to them on a silver platter.
  • Christians actually think that atheists are shallow and have a hatred in their (our) hearts for the holiday. 

Well, that seems to be it. But I have been contacted a number of times both on and off of the blog for these comments. It seems to me that the fact that some people have approached me with their points of view in respectful ways, believing that I will receive those messages with respect speaks, well of both my readers and myself. So I appreciate the effort that it takes to contact me. Please always feel free to post even dissenting comments here on the blog if you wish, though I enjoy the emails as well.

In the spirit of offering my reply to these concerns, hopefully Cindy won't mind if I cut/paste a bit of my reply to her here:

Cindy, Let me respond to your comments about what I think of believers. Many, many of my friends are believers of many different belief systems. I love them deeply. But I can't honestly say that I respect all of these belief systems. The people, YES. Our right to disagree with one another, OF COURSE. The beliefs, NO. 

I believe in PEOPLE.

I think that, in today's world, with knowledge and research information so readily available, it is a mystery to me why anyone would or could prefer faith over knowledge. 

Just this afternoon I was sitting with a very, very dear friend of mine from Sri Lanka who is a Pentecostal woman. Her belief system is tremendously comforting and centering to her. Do I respect those beliefs that God sent the bird to her, etc., no. But I love HER and I believe that she is doing her best in this world. I, in no way, disrespect my friend

So the question comes down to, do I change my blog to be more PC? 
Not at all!

But I will make some effort to use words less anti-religion and more pro-free-thinking. But remember this:  I AM AN ATHEIST. I have very strong reasons concluding that there are no supernatural forces at play, strong reasons for being an atheist, and I stringently deny all supernatural causes, effects, beliefs, etc. and I will always represent myself honestly, openly, and ethically here on my blog without subverting myself.
Being Out and Open is not easy, but I am up for the challenge.

I'd like to know what you think;
Please write your comment below!

Happy New Year!
Let's make it a good one!

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  1. I couldn't agree more with your first quote. Way too many people have no idea what it really means being an Atheist. Maybe they only know radicals, which do not necessarily stand for all of us. I also agree with you that I respect my friends, the fact that their religion is comforting to them and shapes their character, even though I do not believe or necessarily respect the belief system itself. However, we don't hate religion, if it drives people to kindess, love, and compassion. For us, we don't need religion to be kind, loving, and compassionate, and that is what I try to convey by writing openly about beign an Atheist. Thank you for also working on the cause of giving Atheists a better reputation!

  2. I see absolutely nothing wrong with what you wrote. This year in particular in the USA, it seems that there's an orchestrated war against anyone who's not the "correct" type of Christian, with Atheists in particular being slandered. There also seems to be a very thin-skinned paranoia against anyone who simply doesn't believe in the way evangelical Christians believe.

    1. You know, I appreciate this! Sometimes I just need a reality check!

    2. Could probably cut down on controversy simply by adding the word "some" in front of Christians, Mostlems, etc. Some Christians can be very rigid and insist it is their way or hell; some are open minded, tolerant and inclusive. In the same vein, I know some Atheists who are wonderful people and some who aren't. Perhaps just appearing not to paint with too broad a brush would quiet the uncomfortable?

  3. Thank you for being you. If those of religious persuasions expect respect for their beliefs, then why can't we all expect the same respect and freedom to beliieve as we wish?


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