Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Carnival of Atheist Parenting Blog Posts

I am still the Homeschool Atheist Momma!
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If you are a blogger, please consider submitting a blog post on the topic of Parenting to the Carnival of Atheist Parenting. (CAP)

I started CAP after looking for more blog with atheist parents out there in the blog world who were sharing their struggles, triumphs, and general day-to-day parenting. I know that there are some real gems of blog and bloggers out there and I couldn't find a central source for them that wasn't many years out of date.

It's difficult to gather blogs online because things go out of date very quickly, but I think that it is worth it! Many atheist bloggers are very, very OUT and PROUD (like me!) and many other atheist/humanist bloggers are quiet and proud (also like me!) My sincere hope is that this carnival can be a place for both the out and the quiet to share the beatings of their heart with like-minded parents.

The internet is such an amazing tool for community!Join me in creating this next gen little community for atheist/humanist/skeptical/freethinking/other parents who are living happy and joyful lives and who wish to connect with others who are doing the same!
Follow the link below to find out how you can submit a blog post for an upcoming edition of CAP.



  1. I'm so glad I found your blog (through Pinterest)! I'm a new mom and my son is 7.5 months. My husband is an "out" atheist, and, while up until 2 days ago, I finally became happy with that label... Although it took me about 10 years to finally get here. I'm also an 8th grade science teacher (going into my fourth year this fall) and teach students in the Los Angeles area. So being a new mom, new found atheist, and a science teacher, I found this blog to be very helpful and insightful. I'm really looking forward to reading more posts. I lived in a very Catholic home for about 20 years, and I'm finally shaking off the guilt (and feeling clean and free!!) I'm really curious about homeschooling and haven't met too many people yet who homeschool their children. I know they are out there. Since I work at a school, all I hear about homeschooling is the typical "but kids won't be socialized" bit. It's beyond annoying to hear. I understand the fear that is associated with it, but I also think the act of "socialization" is misguided and misunderstood. I would like to homeschool my child, not keep him under a rock! Anyway, some of my concerns would just be about basic things like income, health insurance, etc. my husband is looking to go into business for himself and, financially, it seems like a huge burden for us. Do you have any insights about that? I very much look forward to upcoming posts. Thank you for your time!

    1. Steffany, I'm thrilled to hear from you. ;)

      I have had a small business myself, that is why I am a HORRIBLE adviser for business-related questions. I practically gave the whole store away! lol

      But if you are asking about the expense of homeschooling, THAT I can speak to.
      I have many posts on homeschool curriculum, so check out the labels on the side of my blog. In summation though, there are many ways to teach children without buying expensive curriculum. In fact, I have never bought expensive curriculum and I have two kids in high school!

      Read the posts about curriculum and get back to me if you still have questions about finances. I'm sure my posts don't cover absolutely everything but they will comfort and inform you.

      And you are SO right about socialization. Check out my label "socialization" to see what I've written about it...but I have a couple of posts planned in the next few weeks about the issue of socialization as my daughter moved into the community college milieu.

      I do hope to hear from you again!


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