Thursday, August 21, 2014

In the Moment...

St. Louis
Currently I am:

Thinking:  About my sister who has just moved to another city, bought a house, started a new job, total lifestyle change, poison-ivied  to the max, and making the changes work

Enjoying:  A week where Elizabeth has had such engaging events at school and John has been enjoying his lessons.  And I am enjoying my book The Covenant by James Michener. I am learning so much about the history of South Africa. Did you know that Pinterest is a wonderful source of images of the actual people and places and events mentioned in this book?

Wearing:  A very loose caftan-type dress so that a garment doesn't abrade my poison ivy  (yes, in an odd sisterly-sharing thing, we both have poison ivy)

Feeling:  Calm, Happy, Excited about this upcoming fall and all of the things we are working on

Needing:  I really don't need a thing.

Wanting:  I wouldn't mind a nice biscuit to go with my tea. I would also like PEACE in St. Louis

Listening:  to boys wondering if frogs can have eyelashes, even if they don't have them already

Wondering: how Jerry's meetings are going and if he is enjoying being on the planning committee for our astronomy club and the upcoming major eclipse in our area in 2017. I wonder if any Brisbane friends will make the trip up to see the eclipse with us since we went to Australia for theirs!

Making:  an embroidery piece. I have drawn an image that I like very much and I'm working on transferring it to a piece of material so that I can embroider it.

Eating:  nothing

Drinking:  a lovely cup of jasmine tea

What are you up to??????

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