Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Deconversion Stories: I Love Them!

atheist parenting, deconversion stories
I love hearing the story of how people manage to work their way out of the hold of religion. The journey is seldom easy, voluntarily taken, speedy, expected, or thoughtlessly done.

Do you love to hear them?
Would you be interesting in telling your story?

This Sunday, March 8th on The Secular Parents we will be talking to people about their own journey to atheism, agnosticism, or just plain apostasy.
If you want to write your story to me, please send it to my email address before Sunday at 6pm CST:

If you are interested in appearing on the show, please contact me.

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  1. No story here. :) I was raised by a single mom who was a very staunch atheist. She got that way during time spent in a Catholic orphanage (my grandma put her and her two sisters in temporarily while she dealt with a health crisis as a single mother). The nuns basically beat religion out of my mother (lots of torture of herself and her little sister in the name of god), and she was fiercely atheist. The words god and lord were not allowed in our house and she even made her lower case t's with a loop so they wouldn't look like crosses. She called my friend Susan Lord "Susan L" and instructed me to mouth the words "under god" in the pledge at school. Years later I lived with Catholic friends and tried like crazy to believe because life would be so much easier if I just could, but I never could believe any of it. Even when I wanted to be religious, I could never force myself to think something that just seemed absolutely... ridiculous. I mean no offense, it's just not something I could make myself believe no matter how hard I tried.


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