Friday, November 6, 2015

Homeschool Lesson Today: The Third Republican Presidential Debate

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The Third Republican Presidential Debate was over a week ago, and we are finally getting to watching it. John and I spent a good deal of time figuring out what is means to be a Republican, what are the Republican planks and the Republican platform, and what to look for in a debate situation. 

John is almost 15; he doesn't have a great deal of interest in government at this point, but he does notice the whirlwind of news and issues, most of which he doesn't understand and, therefore, doesn't follow.

The following are comments made my John as he views the debate:

  • Wow, don't even answer the question, just bullshit us why don't you? No one is even answering the question so far except for one person.
  • How is it that the moderators are correcting the nominees?
  • (Trump) What a bitch. He's such a piece of shit.
  • (Moderators) Mom, What's your opinion on taxes...Mother, we need to move on! Mom, stop, you have no more time, you are saying too much, there is no time to talk now, we are moving on, your time is up. Nevermind, Mom, Mom, Mom, we don't want to know.
  • (Rubio) I've seen worse.
  • (Fiorina) Ugh...I can't listen...I don't like her.
  • Here's why we don't trust the media, they are comic book.
  • (Cruz) He gave you time to answer the question and you chose to not answer it.
  • What does "entitlement" mean?
  • Why is he criticizing the congress? Isn't the congress mostly Republican?
  • Thank you, Donald Trump.
  • (Rubio) I think I'd vote for this guy if I was Republican, which I am NOT.
  • (Cruz) Your plan is to have less support for working women, but you haven't mentioned that. Is that your clear plan?
  • Are they cherry picking these statistics? (On poverty for women)
  • (On Carson on LGBT issues) Yes, the gay community thinks I am a homophobe. Um, Sir, if you can't abide equal marriage rights, then you are a homophobe.
  • Mom, I don't want to watch these people anymore.

Well, he's not brilliant on politics...YET!
He was very interested in the debate and felt like he learned alot. He admits that he hears so much on the radio news that he didn't understand and now he thinks he'll understand more. Better still, John asked alot of good questions and since we were watching on youtube we could pause the debate and do research.

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