Thursday, March 31, 2016

Homeschool: General Science

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This evening John and I were doing some work in his General Science book and it occurred to me that I haven't said much about his science work. You already know that we're big fans of textbooks and online resources in this house and this textbook is a great example of what we love about using textbooks.

We are using the Prentice-Hall text called Physical Science: Concepts in Action, purchased from used for less than $12, which included the price of shipping. Also available for this textbook on is a reading and study student workbook, CD-ROM with transparencies, lab workbook, additional reading booklet, additional reading and skills booklet, teacher's edition, and a variety of test and quiz booklets. The workbook is internet-linked...I love that about the Prentice-Hall/Pearson textbooks!

John wanted me to mention the book on my blog because, according to him, it's a comprehensive look at foundations of physical science that every student needs for higher levels of science study. Yep, he said that. We recommend it.

At this point in the text John is studying Chemistry and the classification of matter. He's enjoying the excellent examples given to clarify concepts, he told me so! Although we have covered a great deal of these science fundamentals in prior years, this textbook brings the content up to a more mature and engaging level. 

Aussie Eclipse
My husband and I are very involved with astronomy, geology, and other fields of science; this textbook has several sections specifically dealing with Earth Science and Astronomy, to my delight. John has been around all things astronomy for the entirety of his life and, somehow, perhaps by sheer will of ignoring, he reports that he has very little knowledge of astronomy but now he's interested in it.  LOL
KIDS! So he's looking forward to those chapters.

Next month John, JD, and I will be taking a field trip to the southwest where we will visit Meteor Crater, the Painted Desert, and the Grand Canyon! And so much more! We are looking forward to applying what we know to that visit...and to learning so much more! We're seriously excited about making this trip.

Anyway, just passing along another reliable resource for homeschoolers.

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    1. Adam, I notice that your nice comment was followed with a link to an online Christian curriculum called "The Morningstar Academy", a place for "Biblically-Enriched" materials, "truth-filled inspiration" and encouragement.
      Kind of inappropriate...and funny. Not to mention an odd example of "morals", but OK, I'll leave it.


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