Monday, August 8, 2016

Fall Travel

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We're all looking at changes in our upcoming schedules as we approach the end of a wonderful summer. And with that change, John John and I are beginning to plan our fall travel plans.

As he will be starting college courses in January, this will be the last time he and I can take this kind of trip together. Our plan, at this point, is to go to Washington DC for a week or so, maybe longer if we decide to visit friends on the east coast. Our plans are not set in stone, but we do want to spend a day or two at the Smithsonian...maybe take a drive to Virginia...and the many, many places to visit in DC.

I do plan on getting White House tickets...who do I need to contact here in Missouri? Our governor or something?

John is not as excited as I am yet, but he will be once we do some more history and geography lessons and other prep work.  ;)


  1. We have a possible trip this fall too. John's holy week thing comes up in late October. Usually, he and the girls go to the Dells but the site changed so the plan is to go Branson, MO. I'm always skeptical of his ability to pay for it but I could potentially be at least in your state, granted more than 300 miles away, for 8 days.


  3. That sounds absolutely fabulous! We took the kids there on a whim in late February and they loved it! I picture us going back several times over the years--there's so much to do and see there! :D
    Hope you guys have a blast!


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