Monday, July 10, 2017

Tazing my Tenets

I was talking to Mom on the phone a few minutes about what's going on in the world and whatnot. There's a reason I don't watch the news, it is just awful. AWFUL. But Mom watched the news.

She told me about a dude, boyfriend to a women with three kids: one year old twins and a two year old. This will truly never guess this. He tazed the toddlers for misbehavior. TAZED.

Now, I have not gone out and looked for the news story to verify the facts or anything, okay. But here's my problem. Yes, this is  my problem. I like to think that people are good, you know. I like believing in the goodness of people, their good intentions, their good hearts. But every single day the news has stories about human beings who behave in reprehensible ways, people who screw up my life philosophy.

So, I avoid the news in order to preserve my delusion.

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