Friday, December 3, 2010

Atheist Christmas

OF COURSE we celebrate Christmas!
We don't do the *Christ in Christmas* thing, of course!
Instead, we have created some wonderful family traditions that entertain and delight us.  We have created a few games, there are plays, songs, performances of every kind, there are gifts, shared meals, music, laughing, and lots of love.
We invite beloved friends and family and call it the "Christmas Open House".  People do drop in and stay all day long!

As for the questions about how atheists can celebrate Christmas, I don't even have to use my snotty voice to simply remind the questioners that this time of year is celebrated in many traditions and I am thrilled to celebrate the love in our family ANY DAY!

One thing I really love about the holidays are the cards.  I enjoy the evenings that I spent with my address book, cups of tea, and a package or two of holiday cards.  I truly enjoy the opportunity to send my good wishes for happiness and joy for the season and for the upcoming year.
I've been looking for secular holiday greeting and~VIOLA!~I stumbled on this website devoted to the newest thing...ATHEIST holiday cards!  Wouldn't you want to be the one to create these little gems?  "REASON~the Reason for the Season"...things like that.  I saw this little cutie and thought I'd share it with you.
If you are interested in checking out the website:
From the sweet, professional, and cute to the snarky, you won't want to miss this website!
Too bad I already bought my little snowman cards...

Also, as for homeschool lessons, we're still working HARD.  We've been a bit less busy lately, so we've gotten more done each day.  What a relief to have gotten past that CRAZY few months!
Even the kids are happy to be accomplishing more.  John has continued to work on his multiplication tables...Why can't he memorize 144 problems when he can totally memorize 6,478 Pokemon cards???  He's also working on various countries of the world, the presidents, and some critical thinking.
Elizabeth is writing, reading literature, working on her play, and helping me with a scavenger hunt at the excellent local art museum.

This year for the holidays, we are having gift giving, our usual gift games, and we've invited a new family to celebrate with us:  a Christian family who is far from their families.  We are very open as atheists, so I'm hoping these folks will be able to come over, join in the fun, and have themselves a Merry Little Christmas.

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  1. Oh my goodness those are AWESOME!!!!!! When I go through Shutterfly I try to find the most secular card I can, it's usually one that says Happy Holidays and then lets me add in anything I want. I would love if there was one that said Merry Happy HanukChrisSolistKazaa. But alas...they don't have that yet. LOL.

    I hope you have a wonderful time with the family you are inviting over! I've been thinking of extending an invite to a family we know, but it depends on if The Spouse is here or not. If not then I'm relaxing in my PJs or hopping a flight. LOL.


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