Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Homeschool Schedule

I am frequently questioned about our homeschool SCHEDULE.  My first reaction is to *SNORT* and say, 'Man, you don't know me very well!"  Because I abhor schedules.  I abhor things that think that they can tell me what to do.  I'm fairly immature about this, actually.
But, upon reflection, I realize that we have created a schedule of sorts.  It is a way of operating that works best for our family.

John wakes up first.  He gets his day started with brushing teeth, cereal or other breakfast, and doing work that I have set out for him the night before in the homeschool room .  It is usually about an hour worth of work.  Math practice problems (his favorite), handwriting, journal work, and, usually, a history or science or social studies bit of reading with reading comprehension questions, and reading in his literature book.  He typically works for about an hour or so on his own.

By this time, Elizabeth and I have joined the human race.
I then do work, teaching lessons with them together.  It is usually critical thinking, history, current events, character and ethics work...
We work for about an hour or an hour and a half and then take a break.
After some relax time, each child goes off and does some independent work on the computer, in the kitchen, or someplace else.
We put in three to four hours on a typical day such as this one.

Afternoons, we are often out at homeschool co op classes, running errands, field trips, visiting friends, having friends over, library, any number of things...
Then, in the evening, Elizabeth spends about two hours (at least!) reading and writing.
 There you go, our schedule!  It includes practice work, lessons and lectures together, rehearsals, and independent work...
So, there you have it,
the schedule of an unscheduled homeschooler!

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