Saturday, January 29, 2011

Parental Improvement

I am becoming a better parent!

I have learned SO many things about my daughter in the last six weeks or so and I feel like I am finally understanding her...and, in doing so, becoming a better parent for her.

Why is this news?  Why should I write about this?

Because, if you Google "Becoming a Better Parent" you will find thousands of lists of ways to change or add to your parenting rules.
You will find:  Punish for wrong doing, be consistent, make them take responsibility, limit tv, limit video games, use positive language, quit trying to be their friend, count to ten, make goals, work, be firm, learn how to say "no", etc...
Eh, not all of it is that bad!

But, you will NOT find, learn more, listen more to your child, and make sure that you KNOW him/her, make sure you are not taking your own "stuff" and putting it on your child.  Open your eyes, ask many questions of your child in an effort to get to know them better.  Pretend that you are just meeting your child and have them describe themselves.  You might just learn something!

I have learned so much lately and our household is a much more peaceful place!

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