Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Wanna Stay Home

This week has been one of those weeks where you are never at home, never have two hours together to get lessons done, and where you wonder why we call it "home school" instead of "Out In The World School".

Don't get me wrong, it's been a good week. But I'm exhausted and I wanna stay home! My kids are feeling it too. And looking ahead on my calendar, we have three more weeks like this. *eye twitch*

Everything we attended was by choice. Does that mean that I have lost the right to whine about it? OK, I won't whine. But I'm warning you, I am about to bitch a bit, you know, a bitch between friends.

Before we leave each morning, I have to rustle two unwilling children out of bed, feed them, wrestle them down to get their teeth brushed, (have I mentioned that they are ages 11 and 14?!) and get them into the car. I have to feed people all day from behind the wheel, people who are unwilling to eat food from a window and equally unwilling to make a sammy. I have to get us all over town on time. I am generally listening to teen pop/rap crap much of the time. And someone is always unhappy about something. I haven't even mentioned the many sleepovers going on over here...

And, quite simply, no one wants to leave the house anymore!

The sentence I hear more than almost any other, third only to "You can't make me" and "I'll take the soup", is "I don't wanna go!!!"

We realize that when we get there, we will have a blast! We want to be there. It's with friends or it is a kick ass event. But we also want to stay home! You know, in front of the fireplace, wearing our pajamas, reading Dickens, popping popcorn, stitching and knitting...

OK, not much of a bitch, but I feel better.


  1. I completely understand that. Especially when it's cold, I just want to lay on the couch, under a blanket, downing popcorn and watching nerd movies or musicals. :)

    1. Did you notice your name on the calendar?

  2. anime, lots and lots of anime, in bed all day........sigh.......that would be heaven.

  3. This sounds familiar, I hate leaving the house, but enjoy the event when I get there, and we have five kids!


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