Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pits and Bieces: Homeschool Atheist Musings...

In my life this week…
Jerry has been working on TAXES, so he has been a bit...surly...for him.  And that ain’t bad.  Surly for Jerry is barely discernable...unless you have been married to the guy for twenty years; he give off very subtle "surly" vibes.  He did ALL of my business taxes.  All of them!
How can I ever thank this man?!?  I can't think of anything, but he had one idea..!   (grin)
He does so much for me..!  
OH!  And I did laundry this week.  LOTS of laundry.
In our homeschool this week…
I’ve already driven over 250 miles for lessons and classes and rehearsals and whatnot.  And it’s only Tuesday night…
The kids and I did get some good lessons going today...Bonobo and I are spending lots of time on SCIENCE!  Dr. Who has been working on Algebra, Civics, and English 1.  She has also been writing pieces of fan fic that she posts online.  She enjoys getting such supporting and admiring fan comments and *I* get to see her write write write!
Bonobo, Dr. Who, and I also read some poetry today.  A friend of mine (THANK YOU TRACY!) loaned me a huge book of poetry to share.  The kids and I read many selections today by Carl Sandburg, Emily Dickinson, and William Blake.  Bonobo then wrote out one of his favorite poems from the book.  The "poem" he chose was a Cherokee chant that spoke of recognizing one's connection to the collective past and how, in the future, we will do heroic things that will be the past for the future people.
Pretty cool selection he made, don't you think?
Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…
I think that one key to keeping my sanity this week was a productive trip to the library yesterday.  Bonobo and I picked out some super good science books that have kept us both interested.  I have read a few things with him and he is reading a couple of books on his own.  He is not a huge reader and the books we checked out are VERY engaging and fascinating to him.  It makes me SO happy to have him share his new knowledge with such enthusiasm.
Another thing I have done for myself, reading a mindless Nora Roberts book. 
Is this good advice for a homeschooling parent?  Only inasmuch as I am making time for myself...
Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We have been to a number of classes and rehearsals.  Bonobo and I went to the St. Louis Science Center and had a private “class”, (a demonstration at which we were the only attendees…) with Sara, a science center scientist.  She was excellently educated in physics and got our imaginations exploding.   
Result:  one trip to the library for many books..!
My favorite things this week were…
Having Bonobo the Carlo wake me early yesterday morning for a chat.  Cozy and sweet, we talked about dreams, friends, ethics, and Legos.
And, secondly, staying up late with Dr. Who last night as we talked about relationships, boys, and whatnot.  She leaned against me and talked for quite some time.  It was amazing.  OH, she and I also talked about the Myers-Briggs temperament sorting test.  She and I read our temperament profiles and talked about them.  What a fun conversation that was!
I’m reading…
I'm reading what I usually call a “palate cleanser”.  After reading some heavy stuff for awhile, I need to clean the palate of my mind and read mindless romance books.  Currently, I’m reading one of the formulaic and satisfying books by Nora Roberts.
I am also, as usual, reading one National Geographic magazine after another.  The most recent articles have read have been on Seoul, the Oregon Coast, and an article about a wild life preserve between Alaska and Canada where hearty and brave people go to see snow... and, apparently, moose!
A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
The kids and I were making plans for the week.  Once we solidified some plans, this conversation ensued:
After discussing some plans we have made, Dr. Who says, "I'm down with that!"
I state, "I'm up for it!"
Bonobo declared, "I'm non-gravity-effected about that!
 Questionaire inspired by:

What are YOU up to lately?
Please share your kids' awesome quotes:  I love them!


  1. LOVE the non-gravity affected remark! The poetry, science, and writing sound wonderful. What kind of fan fiction does Dr. Who write?

    1. Thanks for the comments, Stephanie!
      I have to say, we cracked up when he said that one! LOL
      My daughter writes fan fic to various Korean soap operas that she watches on Netflix AND to a Japanese anime series called "Ouren High School Host Club". (I think I got that title right...)


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