Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Brissie Adventure

It's so easy to have an adventure if you are open to it.
Here's one from this week.  Sadly, the kids weren't with me but I thought the experience was worth a nod.

I was on my way down to the CBD (Downtown Brisbane, the Central Business District) on Tuesday night using public transportation to go to an end-of-term performance of Elizabeth's drama class.  I left home two hours early to give me a bit of time to window shop downtown and to catch a pot of tea at my favorite coffee shop before her performance. 

Just outside of our home, I sat at the bus stop for awhile waiting for a bus to take me up to the train station.  Here I talked with the crabbiest woman in Morningside; she was so crabby that even my sparkling conversation couldn't sooth her!  LOL  After getting on the bus I discovered, unfortunately, that the bus went a direction that I hadn't planned on. all good fairy tales begin...

While sitting on the bus and wondering how I would get to my destination, a man across the aisle from me, Bob, gave me a quick rundown of all of the public transport options available to me to get to the CBD; he knew the many schedules by heart.  He suggested that I get off of the bus in Bulimba, take the City Cat Ferry across the Brisbane River to New Farm, and then take the Teneriffe bus down to the CBD.  He was quite sure I could get downtown within twenty minutes using this route!  So I decided to give it a try...and Bob went along for the ride.

Bob had quite a checkered past and quite an empty present.  With no plans for the day, he invited himself along and joined me on my journey.  During the sojourn I had the unmitigated delight of hearing all about Bob's life, his lost loves, his estranged family, his life of unemployment, even his opinions of America and world politics. 

Bob, hailing the bus in Teneriffe
So we hopped off of the bus we were on and right on to the Bulimba ferry like clockwork!  On the ferry were several bike riders as well as a number of students on their way home and business people in business uniform.  The ride across the river was gorgeous and sunny.  I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to have a regular day where you ride the ferry to get home...wouldn't that be lovely?  Along our route across the Brisbane River is a spot where dozens of personal sailboats and small skiffs were tied up on the water.  It was prettier than a puzzle!  (Whenever I see a gorgeous sight I think That would make a pretty puzzle!)  We got off of the ferry in Teneriffe, near New Farm, and onto the bus directly. Not a moment to waste!

The bus dropped me off two blocks from Elizabeth's school about six minutes later.  Seriously, all of this in about twenty minutes!  And an amazing adventure to boot!

And Elizabeth's show was GREAT!

Also, I would like to welcome all of my readers in Poland!

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  1. what a lovely time! Bob looks to be an interesting guy, I'm digging the old (is that wooden?) pipe. :)


    1. Yes, that was his wooden pipe.
      Nice guy to travel with for a few hours.
      He confesses that his family finds him IMPOSSIBLE.


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