Friday, June 28, 2013

Harrison Craig: Australia's The Voice Winner 2013

The girls making signs for the show
Back at home we never watch TV, but down here in Australia we don't really have alot to do at night so we watch alot of TV.  We have really gotten into the talent shows.  Our most recent fave was Australia's The Voice.

This contest was quite close this year but we are thrilled to announce that our personal favorite HARRISON CRAIG was winner this year.  Our family has been a Harrison Craig supporter since the first note of his first song on the show.  The first song was Broken Vow followed by Josh Groban's Raise Me Up, Michael Buble's Home, Elvis's Can't Help Falling in Love with You, Righteous Brother's Unchained Melody, and the rest.  We knew from his first sung note that he was IT!
With a dreamy voice

And we were right!  His journey can be found here.

Today Elizabeth, our friend Tanaya, and I went to the mall in Chermside (just north of downtown Brisbane) for a fangirl concert by Harrison Craig!

We arrived three hours early and were about 40th in line.
We waaaaaaaaaaaaited for three hours, Harrison's music playing for the last hour of our wait. Then Harrison got onstage, said, I guess

I'll get started, and then he started singing!   

He sang two songs and then signed fifty million CDs. Then he hugged EVERY SINGLE PERSON there and signed their stuff.
He was sweet and adorable and it was so worth the wait!
At one point, Harrison noticed our sign that read USA hearts Harrison and he threw us a kiss!

The crowd was huge and INDOORS. So the shrieking was just hideous; apparently all 14 year olds shriek at the same tone.

We LOVED it and are absolutely thrilled that our trip to Brisbane put us here during this time when we joined all Aussies with the discovery of this lovely singer! 

This post is entirely to share pics from seeing Harrison Craig.  LOL

A fine moment, a moment to remember!
Sending many HELLO greetings to my readers in Russia!
Thank you for visiting.

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