Friday, January 17, 2014

Did it Right Today

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Today the kids and I, among other stuff, did some basic Intro to Psychology for lessons.  It was pretty fun and interesting to see their points of view  and critical thinking.  We started with some cognitive stuff, positive thinking skills, thought stopping, affirmations, that kind of thing.  

We've done plenty of that stuff before, but today was different.  Today I feel like the kids were really into it and using the information to make sense personally in their lives.  I say that because each of them brought up enough personal information and emotional tasks that it seemed that they were really getting it.  That was cool.

We used some Wiki, but, for the most part, I was their resource.  We also used a few graphics from Pinterest.  The kids really enjoyed some of those graphics.

Next we learned about Abraham Maslow and his hierarchy of needs. Again, Pinterest and I were the main sources of information. Seriously, this was fun. I loved hearing Elizabeth making some personal connections with people in our lives and I enjoyed hearing John identify how advantageous it is in our family to have the first three levels of the hierarchy, and even some of the fourth, to be provided in a good and solid family home.  It helped us to understand why some people struggle more than others to achieve personal and societal tasks.  They realized why all things are not equal. They started showing even more compassion than usual when discussing people with unfortunate upbringings and how difficult it can be to get to the higher levels of self when one is busy trying to figure out how to feed their family.

So yeah, doing it right today.

Wishing you all LOTS of Levels 4 and 5!

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  1. Sounds like they made some serious personal connections with the subject matter. Awesome! I feel like learned from this, too!

  2. What a great lesson. I wished my psychology teacher had covered the pyramid! What an awesome family you have, Karen!

    1. Bridget and Steph, THANK YOU!
      In undergrad I did all of the offered psych classes and I learned so much. I figure, why not give this information to them earlier! I feel that the better people understand one another, the more compassion and latitude we give one another, the better.


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