Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Was I Thinking???

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Have you ever embarrassed your child to the point that you had no way of apologizing??? My parents certainly did it to my sibs and I and I have definitely done it to my poor Elizabeth.

She is quite easy to embarrass, so this particular event, I must admit, is terrible and hysterical at the same time. I mean, in retrospect. At the time I wanted to disappear.

We were back home for a few weeks to visit St. Louis. Our visit home was such a wonderful time; nearly ever single day was like a party. Elizabeth and John spent nearly every moment with friends. The event happened while Elizabeth was out on a date...with a boy that I will call Allen.

The parents had dropped the two teens off for a movie and the parents were expected to pick-up as well. I had arrived on time for the pick up and I saw the two kids standing talking in the rain. They kept talking and talking and talking, which was nice. But I had no book, no radio, no anything to do. After about half an hour I thought to myself Allen's mother is certainly here, also waiting to pick up boy. I should call her so we can hang out while we wait

It took me awhile, but I dug up my friend's phone number and dialed the number. While I waited for my friend to pick up her phone, I saw Allen look through his pockets, grab his phone out of the back pocket, and put the phone up to his ear.

Hello, I heard Allen say over the phone. I see Elizabeth stomp one foot and throw her arms open wide...OH MY GOD MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could imagine her saying.  

Actual Un-retouched Photo
Ahem. I realized that I was speaking to Allen .......

I stumbled to get off of the call, but I had totally taken the air out of their little bubble.

She has forgiven me. Allen laughed about it. His mom comforted me. I feel like the goofiest mother around.
My poor kid!

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  1. Awwww. That's kind of sweet, though. What I'm trying to say is, you embarrassed her in the nicest, most unintentional way possible.


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