Friday, February 21, 2014

100% Yes, 100% No

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Just a few days now before we are on a plane heading back to the Good Old USA. So let me answer your questions before you ask them:

YES, we are ready to go home.
YES, we will miss Australia.
YES, we are packed.
YES, we can't wait to see our friends. 

Our cartons have been shipped home, our bags are packed, our flights have been booked, our car has been sold, our possessions in Australia have been dispersed to friends, our friends are planning a Welcome Home Party (we hope), our passports are ready, and our hearts are breaking. 
At this point we are simply waiting for our flight...SIX more days.

And the leaving is a lesson we are learning too:

Living in another place on the planet, making friends and fully joining the culture is like taking your heart and cutting it in half. You plant one of those pieces in the soil and sand and it takes root. When it's time to return home you leave a part of your heart behind, forever to be living and growing there..When people here and back at home ask the usual question Are you looking forward to going home or will you miss Australia? we always answer Yes and yes.

We feel so fortunate to be among the lucky people who have planted their hearts in two different places, 100% of our hearts will forever be in Australia and 100% of our hearts will always be at home.

It's the new math.
You get used to it.

OH, and NO, it doesn't feel real yet.

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  1. I used to live on the other side of the world for a few years and you're absolutely right. I was very much looking forward to going back home but at the same time, sad to be leaving. For me it only became 'real' when the taxi arrived to take us to the airport and we were saying our goodbyes to our neighbour-landlord. I missed our appartment and our life there before we even left! But now I look back on those years with so many happy memories and we made some friendships that are still going. Enjoy your last few days here and have a great trip home! My long haul travel tip: if you have a stopover after hours and hours of flying, take a shower at the stopover airport. Best thing I ever did during travel, I only discovered this on the way home!

  2. I guess today (or tomorrow) is when you leave. Have a great flight home!

    1. Yes! Less than 24 hours!!!!!!!!!

  3. Have a great trip home! I look forward to following your new adventures.
    Eugenia x


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