Saturday, February 15, 2014

Homeschool Scouts

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I had this great idea the other day while on Pinterest. I was looking through some memes (or is it gifs?) and I saw a patch that a Brownie could earn. The patch was called Home Scientist and I thought to myself,  

Self, We could do this! 

Wouldn't it be fun to create the Homeschool Scouts?
We could create an entire kit that contains a book and a series of patches. Families could work together to earn their patches.

Families in our homeschool group have, again and again, looked for a good scouting program, only to be discouraged at what is out there. Creating a nice scouting program would be a tremendously huge project, but might be very worthwhile.

Patch ideas might include:
  • My Local Library
  • Learning to Vote
  • Living in my Neighborhood
  • Senior Citizens and Me
  • Mapmaking
  • How My Garden Grows
  • The Body Electric
  • Kitchen Science
  • Robotics
  • Geocaching
  • Health and Fitness
  • Dancing on my Toes
  • Cooking in the Kitchen
  • Under that Stars
  • Making a Difference
The ideas are endless! I would love to design a handbook for the Homeschool Scouts! Who wants to help design the patches? Where could I get some patches made?

In reality, what would it take to create a project such as this that could be published or offered online? I could offer it here through my blog.

It's MINE and I'm working on it!!!

Addendum:  I just slept on this idea and got all excited, then overwhelmed, then excited, then overwhelmed, then exited again...

I was thinking the younger group could be called KIA:  Kids in Action while the older teens called TAC:  Teen Action Counsel. The entire group:  Action Scouts!



  1. This idea reminds me of the patches available through Have you seen this website? It encourages kids to get out and make things in a wide variety of fields. My kids love it, and they have most excellent patches to go with it.

    1. No, I haven't seen it! Thanks for the suggestion. I'll check it out!

      I just slept on this idea and got all excited, then overwhelmed, then excited, then overwhelmed, then exited again.


  2. Karen this is a fab idea! Scouts were something we thought about in the past but well, there are parts of it we don't agree with and then we discovered a family we know had the worst experience imaginable in their group, which pretty much cemented our decision. However something homeschooley, where the whole family are involved (which is great for parents who do not want their kids out of their care) would be awesome!

  3. You may consider looking into 4-H. They already have curricula in most, if not all, of the topics you mentioned and so much more. Also, you are not bound to their curricula, you can add to it. 4-H is a worldwide program with tons of opportunities for youth. All youth ages 5-19 are eligible to join, they do not discriminate against anyone and are not affiliated with any religion, military, or anything else. Youth can complete whichever projects they choose and exhibit them; here in the US exhibits are shown at County and State Fairs, I'm not sure how that is handled elsewhere. For those that think 4-H is cows, sewing and cooking, think again - they even have rocket science programs!

  4. Awesome idea, Karen! We looked into alternative scouting organisations but there's nothing available where we live so we have recently started doing our own patches with the kids and they love it.


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