Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Complexity of Adulthood

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When I was a believer I remember using all sorts of mental gymnastics to maintain my preposterous belief system. This one time, waaaay back in the day when I was still a believer, I was dating an atheist, a really terrific guy. One day when he and I were on a river canoeing, this boyfriend asked me what explanation I had for fossils in the rock strata. I brilliantly told him that I thought that God put them there to confuse us.

LOL  That guy dropped me like a hot potato!  S
mart guy!!!

Do you have any compassion for those people who are believers and who play these mental games with themselves?  
REALLY? I really want to know what you think.

Because I do.
I can forgive them for their nonsense. I
 hate having the bullshit being made a part of this country in the political system. THAT. But I understand the believers, you know? I want to have compassion. I want to understand their points of view, even though I consider the beliefs to be absurd and complete deception. I want to live in a world where people are not held hostage by their beliefs, where people are not coercive with their beliefs.

Beloved friends and family who are believers have such fear that they express in their weird and often brutal ways... The anger. The prejudices. The nonsense. I wish they were easier to be with. I wish they made it easier to get along.

It was easier back when I first became an atheist and I was just angry. I could just make fun of the belief. I could simply express complete incredulity over the certainty, the insults, and the influence of the believers. It's more complicated now...

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  1. Yes, I have total compassion, because I have been there. I hope I never forget what it is like, just like I hope I never forget what adolescence was like. The further I get from both of those things, the more I have to make an effort to keep a part of myself in them, to remember, to relate, to understand. The lack of understanding between people is the biggest reason for hatred and distrust.I want to always keep one foot in those old shoes, so I'm always walking a little in them!

    1. I adore you; thank you for commenting, Lori.


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