Thursday, May 15, 2014

Be That Person

Do you know that in many other countries they are confused about the whole "coming out" as an atheist thing here in the USA?

Yes, many other countries see America's strong religious movement as quite dangerous, divisive, and an honest threat to peace in the world. While in our country, coming out as an atheist is tantamount to welcoming being ostracized. Other countries find it bizarre that a person finds it necessary to or feels the need to "come out".

And it IS bizarre. It is bizarre that coming out as a rational and logical thinker is considered risky in the US. It is bizarre that being clear about seeing mythology stories as myths is considered so frightening. It is bizarre that people will draw back in fear, both genuinely and metaphorically, when talking about atheism. It is bizarre that being an out and open atheist draws such freaky and strongly negative reactions from people. It is bizarre that science and knowledge are eschewed by so many for a culture of hands-over-ears-blah-blah-blah-I-can't-hear-you. It is bizarre that an entire segment of the population are proud to renounce and shun all things science.

I have had some very NICE people "unfriend" me on Facebook for my atheism...after their shock, anger, and fear expressed itself first, of course. Whatever made you the way you are? You have changed! How can you suggest that kindness has anything to do with salvation? I will miss you in heaven. Astrology means a great deal to me!

That is why I will always summon my courage and be OPEN as an atheist. I have never criticized others for their beliefs, though I think that some of my words have been misinterpreted at times to suggest that I do. 

I believe it is possible and preferred to love all people. I am not a judger. Nor do I live in fear. But mostly, I believe that the world will know peace when all people figure out how to love all people, including those who do not share your world view. 
I believe that true joy is found in freedom.

Join me in this! Be that person who is larger, kinder, and more loving. Be that person who chooses to NOT pass along any words or actions that are not of love. Make it a goal to JOIN with people rather than divide yourself from people. Live with open arms and open hearts. Show that loving one another is the strongest power we have as human beings.


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  1. You are Love. <3

  2. This is so beautiful Karen. Count me in! I try my best to also live this philosophy, although some days I do loose my patience when people do not respect my family's choices. I am so happy to have met you!
    Love from Eugenia

  3. Good for you! Roderick from Canada!

  4. You are correct, we have watched from afar in total bewilderment and sadness at the extent of the dumbing-down of the American population and the political manipulation and frightening control of the religious (christian) lobby and NRA. Thank goodness the tide is turning and atheism is on the rise - I just hope it's not too little too late.


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