Sunday, May 18, 2014

My "Inside of the Box" Kids

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!
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It was raining today and we were driving along doing some chores, visiting, and finally heading home. We saw a traffic sign on the side of the road that read Lights on when wipers are on, it's the law. Well I have this THING about being told what to do, especially when ridiculous things are LAW. Not just a good idea. Law.

So I said to the kids In my opinion it's a great idea to have lights on when my windshield wipers are on because it helps us all to see one another, but a law?!  That pisses me off. 
So I turned off my wipers.

The kids started getting nervous.
(I should mention that we were perfectly safe the entire time and I was just playing around.)

Mom, you have to understand, they both said, we are going to drive the speed limit, send cards on birthdays, follow street signs, read directions on recipes, give Mother's Day cards ON Mother's Day!, return library books on time, never drink or smoke, have sex only in committed relationships...and FOLLOW THE RULES!!!!!! We are going to follow the rules, Mom!!!! 
And we are never going to smoke weed!

As they shouting silly things at me I started cringing and saying Nooooooooo in mock anguish. 
Say it isn't so!!! 
Don't follow the rules!
Never send me a card on a holiday!!!! 
Don't fret around the holidays about what to buy me!


It was a riot and we all laughed and enjoyed it.

But isn't that just the way of the pendulum? All of the freedom that I have fought for and demanded during my adult years and my kids are going to swing all of the way over to conservative Rule Followers.  

Ironic, but history shows that these swings are quite predictable.  Damn it all.
Then again, that is what freedom is all about. 

P.S. I do not smoke pot. One day I told the kids that I would love to try LSD or mushrooms sometime. Not at a lifestyle, but as a life experience. They freaked. Of course, I never did it.

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  1. So true!
    My mom was NOT a rule follower, and I was, and then I wasn't, and my son is, and now he's starting not to be, and I start getting worried, just as my mother did when I stopped being a rule follower. And such is the ironic circle of life. lol.

  2. My parents joke that their eldest child's teenage rebellion was cutting her hair and getting a job and it's really true... after a childhood living in an old bus, farming goats and helping home school four siblings, putting on a suit and opening a bank account was about the most rebellious thing she could have done!


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