About Me

Hi, I'm Karen and I'm glad you found my little place in Blogland. I'm a super happy woman who just happens to have the best husband and children on the planet. Coincidence?

Elizabeth, John, JD, Jessica, Tim

This page is designed to give you a slightly better view of just who I am...so let's see...I would say that if I had to pick a few words out of the air I would describe myself as individual, honest, open, happy, friendly, funny, and a bit awkward in my TMI ways. In a good way.

I'm the world's happiest grandmother!
My stepdaughter and her husband, Jessica and Ryan, gave us two of the most amazing children ever born! Eleanor and Madeleine.  ❤️



I am a very open and out atheist. 
I used to be a Catholic but I took the long way out of the fun house in my 30's, the very long way. And now I'm in a place where I truly believe that the world would be a better place without any religion of any kind.

I am always learning. 
At some point of every day I'm researching something...I'm good that way. Today it was constructivist approach in that classroom, emoluments, and the local band Uncle Albert. 

I write because I think. 
If I could stop thinking I might not blog. Instead I have three blogs.  

Why Blog?  

Well, I started because of the thing about feeling the need to have a presence online as an Open Atheist. Now I just love the people who visit and I like stretching myself. I will continue to blog about homeschool, being an atheist, parenting, and my long time love BOOKS.

My Background

I'm a small town girl from Middle America. We are St. Louisans, recently returned from living a year and a half in Brisbane QLD Australia. My husband is a brilliant computer geek who was invited down there to do some work—we jumped at the chance! 

I have a couple of undergrad degrees and an graduate degree in Social Work. Most of my professional work was in therapy and mental health or substance abuse treatment. After all of that I had two kids and knew that I had to stay home with them. We started homeschooling in 2002 and ended that journey in 2018. But you never REALLY stop homeschooling.  😉

Now I'm looking for a part time job. Know of anything?

Random Facts About Me
  • I have long fingernails that almost never break.
  • My son often comments on my ability to multitask 
  • I enjoy astronomy. My husband and I have a couple of kick ass telescopes and we plan most of our vacations around dark skies.
  • I have been a speed reader all of my life. First I read a piece for story or main idea and then I read for detail or beautiful language. 
  • I could read Barbara Kingsolver's laundry list and enjoy it.
    I have been known to wake my husband up with my laughter while reading about Stephanie Plum and I have been known to look askance at my gorgeous hubby while reading about Jamie Fraser. My husband is OK with this.
  • I have furnished my home with yard sale finds and I'm pretty happy with my purchases.
  • I'm a recovering sarcasm-aholic.
  • If I have an addiction it is probably to tea.
  • I love movies and have been devouring foreign film lately...mainly Turkish in the last few months
    ...I welcome recommendations.
  • Love my husband, no one can make me laugh like he does and no one can heal my heart like he does.
  • Speaking of laughing, I am the one in the movie theater with that hideously loud laugh...
  • I haven't had a soda to drink in several years.
  • I LOVE the flora and fauna of Australia! 
  • I have a couple of friends that I have been friends with since we were very little elementary girls playing hop scotch and listening to The Partridge Family.
  • I started on this journey to freethought by, first, rejecting religion.

My Favorite Things

My favorite author: Barbara Kingsolver
My favorite vacation: New Zealand
The most beautiful place I have ever seen:  NEW ZEALAND
My favorite ice cream: Vanilla with Hershey's chocolate sauce
My favorite actor: Hmmmm...LOVE SRK!
My favorite actress:
My favorite movie: Chocolat
My favorite song: Almost anything by Luther
My favorite shoes: Ugly Crocs
My shoe size: 9EEEE
My vehicle: A grey van.
My favorite social media: Pinterest and Facebook and Youtube
My favorite color: Green
My favorite island resort: Tangalooma Island, QLD,  Australia
My favorite earrings: diamond studs my husband gave me
My favorite book: Too many to choose from!
My favorite pie: Pumpkin
My favorite pizza: tomato and spinach
My favorite person in history: Galileo and DaVinci
My favorite planet: Saturn
My favorite comedians: Eddie Izzard and Tim Minchin
My favorite Voice: Harrison Craig
My favorite card game: Solitaire
My favorite word board game: Scrabble
My favorite board game: Settlers of Catan

I hope you stick around and read more.
Comment all you want; 

I do love to hear from readers!


  1. I am enjoying the new look of your blog, K. It's like rediscovering your blog all over again! :-)

  2. I'm a size 8 1/2 EEEE, have similar values, and am from Indiana. One day we must go shopping for shoes together. LOL


  3. If you know of a place, Kim, I'm there!!!!

  4. Hey Karen! I wanted you to know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, hope you don’t mind. Check it out here: http://wp.me/p3Iwib-8Y. Keep up the great blog posts!

  5. I found your new blog! Love it! Always interesting to read!

  6. Just discovered your site. It seems like I found a "treasure". 'Will definitely glean some nuggets of wisdom from you. :)

  7. After a simply Hellish summer, I've been stumbling in my head, hanging out on facebook and found your poem, from a Pinterest email. I read it, and quickly put it in a safe place on my computer screen. Boy, was it a breath of fresh air. Around and around "we" go. 66 years old this year, and frankly finding myself more angry and fed up than I can ever remember. I want to reach out and thank you for sharing your heart, and your experience with life/others. Not sure I'm fully an athiest (husband is), but I'm certainlny anti-organized religion. LOL Hugs


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