Saturday, October 13, 2018

This is the End, My Beautiful Friends

I have loved you and you have loved me but I have come to the place and time when it is necessary to move forward and away from this blog. I offer you my sincerest love and affection and I'm grateful to so many of you for befriending me off of the blog; you have brightened my life tremendously.

My kids are grown.
My atheism is a given.
Now I'm only angry about politics day after day.

So, to you, I wish you fair and fine roads.
May you continue to find happy and healing words here any time you wish to search for them.

And keep my love for I have given it to you for freely, fully, and fondly.


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Atheists Know There Really IS a God

You know, sometimes you just have to laugh; the cognitive dissonance must be unbearable for some believers. I say this because of some of the claims that some believers make about atheists, though I am aware that they are saying the same thing about us, the cognitive dissonance thing. 

I mean let's keep it simple. Atheists are simply people who are unconvinced of your supernatural claims. Not all atheists are the same and not all atheists fit into a box...just like all other humans, believers or not. If you make any claim about atheists in general beyond the fact that they are unconvinced of your deity claims, then you are no longer accurate. You might be describing an individual person that you know but you are not describing atheists.

But I can guarantee you several simple things.
Atheists do not believe in your deity.
Nor do we believe in any of your bad guys.
Nor do we believe in your afterlife fears or rewards.
Nor do we believe in the deities of believers other than you.

My heart is not hard.
I do not enjoy sinning.
I am not harboring evil.
We do not believe in any such things.

I've stumbled across more than one piece of writing by believers in the last few days that are making a truly hilarious and bizarre claim: Atheists really know that there is a god. And then there is the part that we atheists are ignoring their deity to keep sinning. Furthermore, some vocal believers claim that the fact that atheists actually, secretly, do believe should give believers confidence in their faith...

And their evidence of this claim?
The Bible. The Bible claims that everyone has received knowledge of the god of the Bible.

My reason for writing this post is not to try to convince anyone of anything; we all know how impossible that is. This blog post is about something that I would find truly comical if it weren't for the fact that so many people actually believe it. So I want to say one thing that I've been thinking lately.

Most believers that I know would lovingly say that, it's true, they actually do not know that there is a god, but that they have faith that there is one. I can clearly see some of my friends get that glassy, enamored look in their eyes that shows their complete goodness and well-intentions when they talk about their faith. It looks exactly like being in love when you look into their eyes.

I don't know it and neither do you.

So, the fact is that believers are actually not believers. 
They do not know that there really is a god. So some believers really know that there isn't a god...

Ironic, eh?

 What Do You Think?
Yes? No? 

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