Monday, May 21, 2018

The Apocalypse

I'm not trying to be particularly provocative or negative with this post, 
it's just something I've been thinking about. 

With the continuous human global unrest, I'm sure that a part of all of us wonders what a nuclear blast would be like. We've had at least 2,624 nuclear explosions worldwide since the technology was developed during WWII, detonated by at least eight nations. 
Did you know that? 2,626. 
Think of it.
Isn't that simply ridiculous?

Our species has found 2,626 reasons to release the explosive, concussive power of the atom. This count doesn't even count unknown blasts, underground blasts, and some other types of bombs. It's almost like we can't help ourselves...

Add the infinite number of years that our universe has been in existence, during which time continual annihilation of matter has occurred. It stands to reason that our little haven of a solar system will experience cataclysm some time.

Add other scenarios besides nuclear Armageddon that humans could intentionally or unintentionally bring upon ourselves including ecological disaster, particle accelerator accident, pandemics of all possible origins, 
or some sort of advanced AI scenario not in our favor 

And that brings me to my point.

I'm actually quite OK with the idea of total annihilation of human beings from this planet. With some very marked and noteworthy exceptions, our species has been quite destructive over all. We have poisoned our own planet, our own backyards. We spew toxicity directly into our life-giving atmosphere. 
We have divided ourselves into ever-increasing divisions. We treat our own teeming masses with derision and disrespect. We depersonalize anyone different from ourselves. We remove human rights with personal bias. We show exceptionally cold contempt for other life forms on our planet. We are extremely myopic. And many of us are so confused by various ideologies that we are unable to think our way through the morass.

Thanks to some biological developments and some serendipitous timing, our species is sentient and capable of knowing all of the above issues that allow us to threaten our own existence. I simply don't get it how we don't take this as seriously as possible. 

I don't want an apocalypse, I simply can see it as a distinct possibility. 
And if it happens, with some very market and noteworthy exceptions
it won't be a huge loss on this universe.

But it COULD be a loss.
Our species could be incredibly positive in the cosmic universe if, and only if, we can learn to put aside our differences and to value this planet.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Peace on Earth: We All Live Here

I believe in less judging and more learning.
I believe in finding points of agreement.
I believe in the strictest honesty.
I believe in expanding one's bubble and comfort zone.
I believe that other realities and world views deserve equal care.
I believe in the goodness of most people.
I believe in giving a second chance, yet knowing when to step back.
I believe in always learning more.
I believe that people respond to understanding and effort far more than they ever will to shame and punishment.
I believe that our young people need to see opportunities, need to have access to those opportunities, and that we absolutely need to accept that their future is our future.
I believe in the basic posture of humility and human contact.
I believe in valuing our planet.
I believe in giving compassion to those who you feel don't deserve it.
Why can't we all move toward a place where we don't allow ideologies and conspiracy to separate us.
We all live here together and any other approach will result in our demise.
While I tend to be in love with technology and using social media to come together, there are also those very human qualities of divisiveness, pandering to the uninformed or uneducated, and the use of social media to bring about enmity rather than love.

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