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  1. Karen, how do I email you? I am back in MO after nine wonderful weeks seeing rellies in Q'ld, Vic, and NSW. Even that 24 hr delay in DFW turned out terrific, didn't it (and Dallas really needed that rain). A professor at the Uni of NSW told me of a splendid resource, look for
    especially see
    The decision to establish ANU E Press was based on:

    a recognition of the need to create an effective mechanism for disseminating high quality ANU scholarship that lacks a ready commercial market
    a determination to eliminate barriers inherent in existing models of scholarly communication
    an acceptance that the operational overheads of the conventional academic press are no longer affordable
    a realisation that emergent electronic press technologies offer a feasible alternative to the conventional academic press in terms of cost and available infrastructure.

    then go to this place for a FREE DOWNLOAD

    I've downloaded all thirteen PDF parts, it is blazingly good!

    1. Edith Ann, I'm so glad that you figured out how to get ahold of me!!!!!!!
      It is GREAT to chat!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Karen, I also couldn't figure out how to reach you so I will post here. I'm the editor in chief of this magazine & blog: and I was wondering if you're interested in collaborating with us. Please contact me via the link at the bottom of the site.

  3. My family and I are also Atheist homeschoolers here in Missouri. I would like to receive notifications of any updates you do, so I was wondering if you might have a FB page? I hardly ever get on BlogSpot. You can email me if you wish at:

    1. I found the closed group page... but what I mean is a page that offers tips or links to aides. I'm having a hard time homeschooling. Thanks!

    2. Liz, I'm afraid that I don't know exactly what you want from me personally.
      Are you wanting me to help you find homeschooling tips?
      Are you wanting my blog posts?
      Would it help to contact me personally by email and you can ask some questions?
      Please let me know; I'd like to help.


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