Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Peace on Earth: We All Live Here

I believe in less judging and more learning.
I believe in finding points of agreement.
I believe in the strictest honesty.
I believe in expanding one's bubble and comfort zone.
I believe that other realities and world views deserve equal care.
I believe in the goodness of most people.
I believe in giving a second chance, yet knowing when to step back.
I believe in always learning more.
I believe that people respond to understanding and effort far more than they ever will to shame and punishment.
I believe that our young people need to see opportunities, need to have access to those opportunities, and that we absolutely need to accept that their future is our future.
I believe in the basic posture of humility and human contact.
I believe in valuing our planet.
I believe in giving compassion to those who you feel don't deserve it.
Why can't we all move toward a place where we don't allow ideologies and conspiracy to separate us.
We all live here together and any other approach will result in our demise.
While I tend to be in love with technology and using social media to come together, there are also those very human qualities of divisiveness, pandering to the uninformed or uneducated, and the use of social media to bring about enmity rather than love.

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