Saturday, October 13, 2018

This is the End, My Beautiful Friends

I have loved you and you have loved me but I have come to the place and time when it is necessary to move forward and away from this blog. I offer you my sincerest love and affection and I'm grateful to so many of you for befriending me off of the blog; you have brightened my life tremendously.

My kids are grown.
My atheism is a given.
Now I'm only angry about politics day after day.

So, to you, I wish you fair and fine roads.
May you continue to find happy and healing words here any time you wish to search for them.

And keep my love for I have given it to you for freely, fully, and fondly.



  1. You happen to be the third blogger I follow that has decided to either to take a sabbatical or cease altogether in the past week! Mostly because the state of the universe has been making them bitter or angry or just tired! I get It! All the best to you and yours and May you find happiness in whatever new direction you take.

  2. Actually, one of my favorite bloggers ended it this week too...


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