Wednesday, May 14, 2014

John Green's Crash Course!

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I have decided that we are going to go easy on lessons for awhile. Since we are already going easy on lessons.  lol

We have been spending so much time reconnecting with people, following new life goals, and arranging our lives that sitting at the table and doing work is, like, last on our list.

Recently the kids turned me on to John Green's Youtube videos on American History. Since we are doing an American History unit, we have watched a good number of these videos and I can recommend them!

The series is called Crash Course!.
On Crash Course! former Mental Floss writers John and Hank Green have put together hundreds of excellent educational videos that your kid will LOVE. And so will you.

Besides being humorous and irreverent, the series is brilliantly done! But watch each video at least twice because he moves so quickly and tangentially that my fifty-year-old brain can't follow. But the kids love it and are learning so much!

Don't expect boring textbook lectures or mainstream mythology about history. John Green is going to tell it like it is. It's refreshing as heck.
Plus, the kids actually look forward to it and get enthusiastic about it.

We've been watching history videos but you can find videos on Literature, Chemistry, Biology, World History, Ecology, Current Events, and probably more.

SO check them out and let me know what you think!
Let me know what your kids think!

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  1. Looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing - looking forward to checking out his vids!

  2. I love love love Crash Course and actually support them every month like I do SecularTV and Neil Carter. =-) There is a relatively new CC for elementary kids too which is great since mine are still a little young to follow John Green. I enjoy them a lot though and hope they are still available when my kids hit middle/high school.


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