Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another Reason that I'm Glad I'm not a Camel

I am still Homeschool Atheist Momma!
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OMGosh, I am literally laughing out loud because I am sitting here listening to my son and one of his best friends in the middle of one of their intricate discussions of fantasy and reality. Would you believe that there is a spider that bites a camel, injecting it with some sort of neurotoxin that makes the poor camel unable to move, and then eats the camel alive.


Homeschool kids tend to have the most interesting conversations; I LOVE listening to the conversations when I get the chance.

The other day, while this same best friend was here, I overheard one of the boys saying, I am so joyful; it's just not right!!!!!!

It is a lovely advantage that homeschooled kids have, in my opinion: the ability to spend many, many hours together in complex fantasy worlds of imagination without any sort of outside interruption. In this case the boys have been together for four days and nights. The story lines to their pretending have been so intricate and interesting!

For John, I'm so glad to be home in the US where he can spend this kind of time with other kids who are like-minded in terms of what they enjoy playing.
In order to keep this a positive story, I'm not going to mention the complete demolition of my family room.

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