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Homesick, Heartache, and Harrison Craig

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I have to confess here that I am struggling to fit back in to my life here in St. Louis. While we were gone our friends kept moving forward without us, as you do, and I moved forward too. I'm a different person now. We're all different people, really.

A lovely friend of mine who seemed to know what it is like said it so well:  when you move away people move forward, sometimes filling in that space where you used to be; now they have to find ways to make space for you again.

I think that I don't know quite how to make it happen at the moment...  I know that I create alot of this crap in my own mind because my friends here are truly lovely. But still...I am struggling with this quite a bit. I love my friends here and I know that they love me, yet I'm feeling a bit at a loss, like a floating speck... 
Meh. I'm not even sure that that has anything to do with it.

The truth is, I miss Australia and my heart hurts. 

It's difficult to tell people, TMI, I think. Everyone wants to hear that we are GREAT and thrilled to be back home. But it's much harder than that.  So I generally say that I am fine. But, inside, I feel a bit like flotsom...

I keep wondering how long I will feel so homesick...

I will always associate the beautiful journey of Harrison Craig with our time in Australia. I remember the moment from Harrison's debut audition song on the Australian The Voice show, when we saw him sing for the first time. We cheered out loud when Harrison selected Seal for his coach! We watched the show each week; his journey was so inspiring to us.

Our friends here at home agree that Harrison has a wonderful voice, but I'm pretty sure that our American friends don't understand our affection for him really. I get that. I think that Harrison's story was very personal for many Australians who were fortunate enough to see him come alive on The Voice. He has a way of making listeners and fans feel personally special to him.

After Harrison won The Voice and began touring, Elizabeth and I went and saw him perform seven or eight times. The comradeship with other fans always made the concerts so enjoyable and we began to understand how our friends from home got so wrapped up in David Cook on whatever show he was on a few years back... My daughter and I made friends at those concerts, people who we still think of fondly; you can see some of them in the pics below. (One person just contacted me tonight, in fact! It was so lovely to hear from her.)

Anyway, one time when we saw Harrison perform, the last time we saw him perform, I knew we would not be seeing him again due to the fact that we were about to move back home to the US, so I was kind of ... emotional.  

So after his show Harrison took the time to talk to absolutely everyone who waiting to talk to him (which is his gentlemanly and generous way). While my daughter and I were talking to him I blurted out some ridiculously emotional stuff to him because I was already missing Australia at that moment (LOL...I'm embarrassed to remember it) and he was so gentle and sweet...even though I put him in that awkward situation.  (shakes head at self!)

Now that we have moved back home to the States, seeing and hearing Harrison's videos and music makes me incredibly homesick. I think I will always associate the beauty of this young man with his gorgeous country.

THANK YOU, Harrison!

OK, OK, what did I blurt out?
I put my hands on his face and wished him true happiness in his life (UGH) and I asked him, Will you remember us? Will you remember Elizabeth and I?  Because we will never forget you? He replied Of course I will!

Harrison's brother and darling mom sat with us a couple of times.
His mom is a truly sweet woman.
I'm pretty sure that this is Connor talking to a friend saying
"DUDE, I get to sit with Karen!"

Addendum, 24 hours later:
I feel much better just having written this!

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  1. Mum, this was wonderful, and I really think this truly is how I ould explain all of this to some one. I love you!

    1. I love you too, My Dearest Darling Daughter.

    2. I'm so glad you read it, Honey.


    3. Hey Karen & Elizabeth. I stumbled across this blog via your "Elizabeth, will you marry me?" pic... I jealously had to find out who this girl was! Haha, how foolish of me! "(Shaking my head at myself)" I too am a huge fan of Harrison's and, interestingly enough, live less that 2 hours from you! Small world! I get everything you've posted here and I have yet to see a live performance or meet him or his incredible family, so I can only image how I would feel in your situation. Like you, I also associate him with AU, dreaming of going there one day. It's been on my bucket list for years, but now I have real reasons to go, lol. I remember seeing your pics of twitter... I think I even "liked" and/or commented on the one with the "USA loves Harrison" sign, wishing that was me lol. Through twitter I've met a lot of fans from all over the world, mostly AU, and I find it interesting that I really do miss them... like I've actually hung out with them, ha! I really hope I get to someday. So next time you go back and visit, we should go together! ;o) Anyway, I hope things back here will get smoother with time and that you'll be able to be truly happy on both continents. Take care! And, hey, maybe I'll run into you in STL sometime! :o)

    4. Jessica, what a nice comment!
      Are you in MO or IL?
      How did you run across Harrison? How interesting that you know of him since he is a total Aussie boy!

      Three plus months later, and we're still so homesick for Australia AND Harrison. <3


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