Monday, October 28, 2013

Homeschooling and Our Trip to Melbourne, VIC

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If only every family who wanted to could travel as we have been fortunate enough to get to do!!!  We spend this week in the Australian state of Victoria, starting in Melbourne. 
While there my daughter and I toured a school there, a high school.  She has been considering attending THIS SCHOOL only.  We are taking many factors into consideration and she just may do it!
She likes the idea of being away from her family.  She is a child who started "running away" when she was about six years old.  In her own way, she keeps a great deal of distance between us, even while we are very close.  If that doesn't make much sense, you would get it if you knew us.  Our relationship is unique.

While in Melbourne, besides touring this school that Elizabeth is interested in, we toured and traveled around and made the most of our few days there.  Here are some pics of only the MOST MEANINGFUL MOMENTS of our time there.

Elizabeth walking by the tea shop in Melbourne's CBD

Melbourne's train station.  Melbourne has PHENOMENAL public transportation.

John in Federation Square

The kids downtown in the CBD

Elizabeth at Chelsea Beach

Elizabeth LOVED Chelsea Beach

John LOVES this little Wallaby!

John feeding the wallaby

GORGEOUS Smith's Beach on Phillip Island

Phillip Island is SO stunning

"The Nobbies" on Philllip Island, home of seals

Phillip Island Penguin Parade Beach!  No Cameras Allowed

No Cameras Allowed
Happy Elizabeth at Sandringham College (high school) in Sandringham VIC

Along the Great Ocean Road at Lorne

Sunny and gorgeous LORNE, surfer's haven!
This is Rachel.
She gets to work on this beach every day!!!!
Hello, Rachel, if you visit!!
Rachel reminded me of Elizabeth's best friend Abby

A gorgeous spot along the Great Ocean Road

Otwel Lighthouse

It was windy as HELL up on the lighthouse!
We were thrilled!!!!!  LOL

Otwel Nature Area has SO MANY koala!

The Twelve Apostles on a very rainy day

Port Campbell

The Arch near Port Campbell VIC, near The Twelve Apostles

Elizabeth at The Arch

Jer and I at London Bridge near Port Campbell VIC

REMARKABLE London  Bridge

London Bridge on a SUNNY day!

Our family at The Twelve Apostles on a sunny day!

London Bridge and John John

Lots of Little Penguin tracks all along the Port Campbell shores

My gorgeous family at The Twelve Apostles
Beautiful weather, finally!

Stunning stunning stunning

One of several gorgeous birds that I've never seen before.

Our family learned so much about Australia, Victoria, Melbourne, geology, botany, zoology, maps, weather, oceanography, evolution, and OURSELVES.  I hope that one day, we get back to this breathtaking place again.

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  1. What a fantastic trip, you sure packed a lot in! So glad you got to see the penquins. if you ever move there, (school?) we'll come and visit!

    1. Deirdre, we were thinking about meeting you at the turtles...

  2. These are just gorgeous shots. What an amazing adventure!

    1. Sara, I can't tell you how STUNNING these places are. Words are inadequate. Photographs are not nearly enough...

  3. Glad to see you enjoyed your visit to our lovely city, though you've reminded me I really need to get the family to Phillip Island! I'm enjoying reading your blog, from one secular homeschooler/parent to another!

  4. I must say that that would be one of the most memorable trip in your entire life, I just very much curious to know one thing, I believe during the time of journey have you carried your driving license as a identification? I mean to say does it needs? and if I have the license of any other country, can I be able to drive on their?

    1. Yes, we drive on our license from our home country.


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