Friday, October 4, 2013

People Comment on Posts: Shades of Grey

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I am in the position of having my work commented on on a fairly public forum and I'm so surprised.  People out there must not have lives!  People who comment seem to be so sure that their choices and decisions and lives are so perfect and they think that their opinions are RIGHT and others are WRONG. 

Even with my thin skin, I'm so not hurt by them.  Instead I'm thinking "WOW, People, what does it feel like to always think that you are right?!"  I have always been a person who despises debates.  But not just on principle.  Because of the shades of grey that LIFE is.  Because you and I might have the same choices before us and, for our own reasons, make completely different choices.  And that's part of the wonder of being alive!

The other day I met a nice mother, new to a playgroup that we participate in.  As we talked for the next hour or so she kept saying that she thinks in black and white; that she is incapable of recognizing the areas of grey.  She went on to give me example after example of black and white thinking.  I'm not sure if she was trying to convince me or herself.  She was telling me a story about a friend who was marrying a person of the same gender and how she, my friend did not go to the wedding on principle.   But, she said, I regret that.  Today I would go to her wedding because I love her and support her.

Congratulations! I said, you just discovered a shade of grey!

I'm surprised with myself for being so unaffected by those negative comments on Hemant's blog post.  I'm proud of myself for recognizing the total pointless of engaging these people.  Honestly, who can read a few blog posts and think that they know enough about an entire person/idea/movement/etc that they can publicly vote nay on them!  I can not imagine making such judgements on another person or choice. 

Recently I have thought of the many, many times when someone is telling me a story and I feel myself looking at them without emotion on my face.  I realize that I am waiting for that person to tell me the point of their recitation.  I listen to stories and make no judgements.  It just recently occurred to me that these people are waiting for my judgement.  And I am like, Um, I'm just listening...not's all OK with me.

Anyway, from now on I plan on NOT reading comments when I read an article or blog piece.  They really detract from the original piece!  But YOU....YOU need to leave comments here!

Sending GREETINGS and AFFECTION to readers from America!
I'm feeling a bit homesick...

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  1. Read over some of the comments on the other blog, and based on past experience, I agree getting into those discussions is fruitless. You're not going to change their mind and vice-versa. But I do find a good debate or confrontation at least gives people the chance to hear the other side. And I totally agree, life is grey! :) Danica

  2. Good decision, no troll feeding! Then they only come back for more, and before you know it your whole yard is full of slathering trolls and you won't be able to step anywhere without landing in troll poop. Better to ignore them. ;)

  3. Yeah, and once you've homeschooled for a while, you tend to hear the same misconceptions over and over and OVER again, so reading the comments on the blog just felt like playing fail bingo. Just tick off all the cliches one by one..


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