Saturday, October 5, 2013

Whatcha Doin?

No really! 
Whatcha been doing?
Are you working on any interesting lessons lately?

We have been working on several things, but today our Assertiveness Lessons were GREAT!  Although I had planned on about an hour for today's lesson, the kids found so many ways to connect with the lesson!  It was a great start to learning more about clear and effective communication and the essential components to assertiveness.  We stuck with this for almost three hours!

New Zealand's Papaloma Beach
The other day we were down at South Bank at a very nice coffee shop and we got to talking to a woman working there who is from Estonia.  We learned so much from her about her home.  Today we got online and read more, looked at maps, listened to music, read history, watched a Youtube video on the capitol city Tallinn, and generally began to think that a trip to Estonia looks awesome!  Even though we checked out all of the online stuff that I had prepared for the kids, they were very interested and we spent quite a bit of time exploring more and more about this very young country.  It was fab.

Next, Elizabeth is looking for part-time jobs.  She and I have been out and about several times talking to people about part-time work and filling out applications.  We learned that people applying for jobs here, with or without any work experience, must also have a resume.  Because Elizabeth has a resume for her performing arts, we used that resume, modified it a bit, and resumed our job search.  We talked to some AWESOME small business owners with tremendous input and advice in looking for jobs down here.  WOW.  This afternoon was so amazing.  LOL

And, finally, today we just continued with some Geometry from the Geometry 1 book that we all share.  Both kids are at the same level in this high school text.  We have been working on compound linear inequalities.  THEY get it.  
I get hives.

This weekend is quite exciting because Elizabeth is being picked up by a friend and her family.  They are driving down to Dreamworld theme park down in Gold Coast, and then she is spending the night with her friend.  John and I are joining Jerry at an observing event for a little astronomy fun later on this weekend.   Right now, though, John John is out skateboarding with a neighbor kid.

So that's just wassup for today.
How about you?

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