Sunday, October 6, 2013

Flora For my Family

Mom and I enjoy nature.  Birds.  Flowers and all plants, insects, dirt, water, you name it.  When I think of my childhood home I think of the large front picture window chock-a-block full of houseplants.  Mom grew gorgeous,huge tropical plants in our home.  No one ever visited without commenting on Mom's beautiful terrarium-looking front window.  Her plants really made our house a home.

I don't have Mom's green thumb, but I do share her love of flora.  Here in Australia the flora is about 95% unfamiliar to me.  Nearly every day I see something that makes me say I wish Mom could see this!  Today the fam and I went to the botanical garden at Mount Coot-tha.  This botanical garden is nothing like the flat Flat FLAT botanical garden back home in 
St. Louis.  Every pathway was either UP or DOWN.

Don't even think about a leisurely stroll through the garden.  This was a commitment!

Although the gardens closest to the entrance were beautiful, I simply didn't care to see roses.  Instead we tread to the far side of the garden to see the Australia flora, the rainforest flora, and the arid cactus zone.  At one point we saw orange hazard fencing growing in its natural habitat.

The walk was grueling but absolutely worth it!
Please enjoy the following pics that I post mostly so that Mom can see them!

This is part of the garden that we will visit NEXT TIME!

I'd like to know the name of this one, but the looks are quite impressive!

GORGEOUS plumeria grows on this oddly empty bush...seen all over Brissie
The next few are Pandanas...generally growing near the coasts, HUGE fruits

The coolest root system.
Somewhere in the garden is a HUGE HUGE pandanas that sprawls all over the place.
It's amazing!

The garden has a HUGE collection of bougainvilleas.
Many different colors and species

This and the next pic:  The Grass Tree

This kid had me laughing the entire time!

Throughout the rainforest section we saw some "dangerous" trees

This is like a maple leaf, drops and spins...but it is HUGE!
And the seed is very prickly.

We LOVED the Cuban Royal Palm
When we tapped on the trunk, it sounded hollow.

I don't recall what this huge thing is...
But isn't it COOL!

Then over to the planetarium...

Then on to an art show on the parking lot of the garden

It was a superb afternoon.  It was very sunny and gorgeous weather and our family adored the entire visit!

 GREETINGS to my Aussie readers!

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  1. The plants around here are pretty weird hey? I still haven't worked out what they all are - I grew up in Sydney and Canberra, where the plants are completely different again!

    1. They are!
      I go out of my way to figure out what plants are and I a surprised at how little people know about the plant life here... But, seriously, there is so much difersity, I also understand it! But I'm trying! I have this HUGE, ginormous plant identification book that has helped. But it must just be too I often can't find what I am looking for...


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